When You Feel Like Pasta…

Nothing quite beats the feeling of satisfying your food cravings, and when it comes to pasta, the possibilities are endless. From classic restaurants serving Italy’s trademark dishes to next-gen eateries creating the newest classics, this list is designed to satisfy your pasta cravings!


Macchiato Sydney

2/338 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW

Offering Sydney-Siders a new take on the Italian style, Macchiato Sydney serves top-notch pasta, pizza & coffees. Serving homemade pappardelle, gnocchi, ravioli and lasagne, made every day following our perfected, family recipe. Situated in the heart of Sydney, Macchiato Sydney is the perfect place to cure your pasta cravings.


La Figo Italian Cuisine

81 King Street, Melbourne, VIC

Easily accessible from the Southern Cross Station and walkable from any spot in the city, La Figo Italian is a great, cozy spot for tourists and locals alike. Join us and try our range of delicious Pasta and Desserts!


La Trombola Italian Restaurant

61 Unley Road, Parkside, SA

Indulge yourself in the finest Italian flavours at Adelaide’s finest Italian restaurant. La Tombola serves authentic, traditional Italian cuisine, and it is easy to see why they are multi-award-winners. Taste the flavours of the Mediterranean with a delicious range of classic pasta dishes filled with rich, sumptuous flavours.


La Dolce Vita Ristorante

20 Park Road, Milton QLD

Located in the heart of Brisbane, and just minutes walking distance form the Brisbane river, La Dolce Vita is a cozy, opulent italian restaurant. La Dolce Vita knows that the most important part of Italian cuisine is the freshness of the ingredients, which is why they guarantee the freshest produce coming out of their kitchen.


La Calabria

Dog Swamp Shopping Centre, 6 Wannerro Road, Yokine, WA

If you are craving Italian comfort food, La Calabria is the place to go. Whether you are a die-hard, Italian Classics fan or someone who is up to try something new, La Calabria always serves custom-made dishes from the freshest and first-rated ingredients, guaranteed to satisfy everyone. If you are thinking of paying a visit to La Calabria, make sure to try their famous Braised Beef Lasagne – it’s incredible!


I Maccheroni

3 Jersey Rd, Woollahra, NSW

As it suggests in the title, (I Maccheroni meaning (lit.) The Macaroni) this is the place to kick your pasta cravings! Chef Marcello Fariolo of I Maccheroni cooks the very best, authentic Italian food in Sydney, from sustainable local produce. The meals are authentic and modern, allowing each meal to be of the up-most quality.