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K-Pub is, well, a Korean style pub. And when Koreans go ‘pub-style’, they drink beer and eat fried chicken with friends. However, there is more than just fried chicken on the traditional Korean menu here which includes a selection of hotpots and stir fries such as bulgogi (BBQ meat) and jeyuk bokkeum (spicy pork). The two chefs who own this fabulous joint trained in five star hotels, meaning that K-Pub runs like a well-oiled machine. The chic bistro is young, fresh and its walls are decorated with kitschy and witty K-pop art. It is a great looking space and offers a genuinely Korean experience, right on O’Connell Street, Adelaide.

  • Asian, Korean
Opening Hours
  • Monday: 5 - 10:30pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 12 - 2pm, 5 - 10:30pm
  • Thursday: 12 - 2pm, 5 - 10:30pm
  • Friday: 12 - 2pm, 5 - 10:30pm
  • Saturday: 5 - 10:30pm
  • Sunday: 5 - 10:30pm
  • Gluten Free Options
Price Range
  • $$ ~ $$$
  • Fully Licensed (No BYO)
167 Gouged Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

book now call 08 7230 9592

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